Immigration Lawyer in Vero Beach, FL

Immigration law is the term that refers to the established rules that are followed by the federal government to determine who is allowed to enter the country and for what length of time. These are also the laws that govern the process of naturalization for people who want to become U.S. citizens. Immigration law is extremely complex, with far-reaching scope and potentially criminal complications if these laws are not adhered to properly.


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Why Hire an Immigration Attorney?

Hiring an immigration attorney with experience is the best way to save yourself time, peace of mind and money. Brittanie L. James is an immigration lawyer in Vero Beach, FL, with a wide range of experience handling a variety of different immigration law cases. She is able to serve clients nationwide as well, which is important in case you have a friend or family member in need of immigration law assistance outside the Vero Beach area.

Special Circumstances, Visas, Extensions and More

There are dozens of different laws that pertain to various circumstances when it comes to immigration law. Brittanie is an immigration attorney with expertise in varying situations and several years of practicing immigration law under her belt. She will be able to assist you with your questions, walk through how each situation will need to be handled and work with you on reasonable fees and payment plans.

Call an immigration lawyer you can trust

Contact Brittanie with any questions or concerns you may have. She will be happy to assist you with your immigration issues and walk through the process of getting these resolved. Our staff is multi lingual in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Don't wait - call today for the immigration law expertise and experience you can trust.