Immigration Law in Vero Beach, FL

As an immigration lawyer, Brittanie L. James is able to handle a wide variety of immigration issues. Rarely is a question about immigration simple, and most times the answers can be so complex that trying to navigate them yourself can be not only frustrating but counter-productive. It pays to call an attorney with experience and a thorough knowledge of the current immigration laws. Mrs. James has represented clients with a wide range of different issues, from people facing deportation to obtaining visas for fiancees.

Immigration Law: An Ever-Changing Arena

Brittanie has stayed current with all the changes that immigration law has experienced in the past few years. There have been some major changes, even as recently as President Obama's November speech on taking executive action regarding the United States' policies on immigration. These kinds of major shifts will affect hundreds of thousands of people, and Brittanie is well aware of how these federal laws will impact immigrants across the country. Because immigration law is federal law, Brittanie is able to represent clients across the nation.

Specializing in Immigration Law

Mrs. James works solely on immigration law cases - this is her passion and her area of expertise. Because of this specialization, she is able to handle most any immigration law issue that comes across her desk. Unlike other immigration attorneys, Brittanie does not limit her clientele to only certain types of immigration law issues. If you have a question about her practice or experience with a certain issue, call today to schedule a consultation.

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